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Экспертиза и исследовательская служба Украины во всех областях экономической экспертизы.

Expertise and Research Service of Ukraine leader in all areas of economic expertise.

Economic examination / investigation (the old name - accounting expertise) includes the following areas:
1) the validity of the findings of a tax service, financial inspection, the validity of the internal audit and other internal and external audits;
2) the validity of the debt in commercial disputes enterprises, including signs of bringing to the bankruptcy, the establishment of the debt size, public debt, damages, setting part in the authorized capital, etc .;
3) the validity of credit debt or bank transactions, the issuance of documentary credit check, the size of the real interest rate and other issues.

Economic expertise

In these areas of expertise, our experts have proven themselves at the highest level. The results of the experts were in demand in large commercial enterprises in our country and in the state bodies. Our economists obtained thanks to the National School of Judges of Ukraine and the Certificate of the National Association of Advocates of Ukraine.
Economic study - necessarily recommended in advance, prior to the appointment of expertise, in order to avoid unexpected findings conclusions.
Economic expertise - appoint a judge, investigator or the part of the criminal process in accordance with article 243 of the CPC.

Our services in the economic examination (old name - accounting expertise, financial and economic expertise) are equally in demand by all companies carrying out their own accounting but also the rest of the population.

• study accounting, tax accounting and reporting, namely:

Economic expertise

- Check the validity of the conclusions of various acts of inspections, acts of tax authorities;
- Check the validity of the violations on the calculation of value added tax (VAT), income tax, income tax, excise tax;
- Check the validity of the acts of the Main Control and Revision Office of Ukraine (KRU);
- Check the validity of the acts of the State Audit Office of Ukraine;
- Check the validity of the acts of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
- Check the validity of transactions in the accounting records.

• examine the documentation on the economic activity of the enterprise, namely:

- Examine documentary evidence of delivery of goods / services;
- Check the validity of the establishment of arrears on utility bills (electricity, heating, hot and cold water);
- Examine the damage, misappropriation, shortage of material assets due to theft committed by employees and the company management, fire or flooding the office and industrial premises.

• examine the financial and credit operations, namely:

- Set the amount of debt under the credit agreement, the validity of reducing the amount of debt, the amount of principal (the loan's body), loan interest, fines, penalties, as well as the inflation index;
- Check the validity of the calculation of the debt obligations;
- Examine the validity of the recognition of the loan agreement null and void;
- Explore the real and effective interest rate on the loan, the actual amount of the loan price increase (by order of the National Bank of Ukraine №168 from 2007).

The service is focused on carrying out independent economic assessment (including independent financial expert), advice for public accounting and economic expertise.

For carrying out the economic assessment, the cost of services you can find out by contacting us by phone or email.
For economic expertise / research, be sure to first consult with an expert.

Approximate questions for Economic Research:

Is documented findings confirmed the Act of the State Tax Administration ____________ district. Kyiv number of ________ ___________ on understatement of "______" tax in the amount of ___________ ________________?

Do confirmed documented calculation of number _____ _____ regarding the debt (the name "the debtor") before (the name "plaintiff")? If confirmed in what amount?
The request for examination credits in court
The request for pre-trial investigation of the debt

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