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Detector without borders

15.03.2017 | 13:09
If you travel a lot, then be prepared to meet a new robotic security guard at the border control. The automatic virtual agent for real-time truth assessment (AVATAR) is now being tested by the Canadian Border Agency. And it was designed to help the border guards determine the hidden motives for entering the country from certain individuals.

The system is nothing but a lie detector. It determines the changes in the physical characteristics of a person (voice, gesture, posture) and uses the findings to assess the potential risk. Thus, the program will monitor the arrivals in the country, looking for specific physiological signs of lies. And to exclude from the sample those who are just nervous before the flight, they will be asked neutral questions to determine the baseline rates of reactions.

The authors of the idea see an opportunity to use this law enforcement agencies, as well as other areas of life using human resources. Programmers meanwhile continue to improve the product, expanding its ability to collect and analyze data, which makes AVATAR a potentially valuable tool.

To date, the system has already been tested at several airports and border crossings. According to the creators, it is completely ready for work and can help stop the flow of smuggling, prevent the escape of fugitives, and also recognize potential terrorists. At least, so assure the scientists.
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