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Invisibility clothes

09.03.2017 | 13:46
Invisibility clothes

Designed clothes that can deceive CCTV cameras

New clothes allow you to bypass CCTV cameras that use face recognition technology. The tissues use complex color samples of digitized faces and parts of persons, overloading and deceiving software.

This fashion design overloads and confuses the facial recognition system, because you have to read a lot of details.
It is reported that the clothes were prepared in the framework of the Hypergran project, which uses samples of the eyes, noses and mouths as patterns on textiles.
Computer algorithms, on which recognition technology is oriented, tries to recognize these complex patterns printed on the fabric as a person, and seeks correspondence with the real persons in the database.

The founder of the project Hypergran is the Berlin artist and technologist Adam Harvey. He also stood behind an earlier version of the anti-surveillance project, CV Dazzle.
Within the framework of it, a reflective fluorescent make-up and styling was invented that malfunctioned in the surveillance software.
Complex patterns created by Harvey, can be worn directly on yourself, or used in space, filling them with certain areas, and thus confuse the security cameras.

Mashable notes that the technology of face recognition is constantly being improved, and now it uses not only the technique of reading the faces.
As shown by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University research, it is already possible now to talk about the system's soon-to-be ability to predict criminal intentions regarding the state and changes in delicate facial details: the corners of the nose, mouth and lip curvature.

However, many consider such statements a marketing move and even an attempt to revive eugenics as a science.
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