Computer forensics

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Indicative list of issues to be resolved: Does this media information about (specify what information is interested) and in what form? Does studied computer information media about certain (specify which) the user's actions?
Indicative list of issues to be resolved: Компьютерная экспертиза

Does this media information about (specify what information is interested) and in what form?

Does studied computer information media about certain (specify which) the user's actions?

Are investigated drive are subject to certain procedures to destroy the information?

It could be created this information on your computer or it is transferred to other media?

How is the information (specify which) moved to the test computer (media)?

What technology and chronology of the creation of an electronic document (electronic document and specify certain content)?

What attributes (print, edit, create, delete, etc.) files containing information regarding ... (specify the content)? Does the information drive computer specifically studied (specify what kind - found not installed) software?

What functional failure are given computer equipment or its individual components and devices, and how these faults affect the operation of the equipment as a whole?

Is it possible to perform certain actions with the help of this software?

Is it possible to solve a specific problem using this software?

Whether implemented in this software product (software code) functions provided the terms of reference for its development?
How and for what purpose it is carried out computer forensics

In our country, the computer-technical expertise is less widespread than in European countries and the United States. That is primarily due to the rapid proliferation of computer technology in these countries.
Computer forensics, aimed at studying the information on computers or storage media that can be attributed to the class of computer hardware. The purpose of this examination, like any other - to find and secure evidence.

What issues are decided by a computer forensics:Компьютерная экспертиза
• Is there information on the disk, it is presented in what format?
• Does the computer data of the specific acts committed by the user?
• Were there any attempts to remove data from the media?
• Is the information to create on this computer, or there has been copied from another source?
• How the information got on the computer?
• According to a technology and electronic document created in any chronological order?
• What attributes marked files related to the desired information?
• Is the computer specific software (software)?
• whether the computer has trouble affecting its functionality?
• Is it possible to make concrete actions by the software?
• Can you solve specific tasks by means of the software?

To make an examination, the expert skilled in the art should be granted access to the computer itself, its unit or computer storage. Transferable objects of study should be sealed in individual packages for safekeeping. Especially close attention should be paid to the packaging unit of the computer: it is necessary to get through the packaging it was impossible to connect it to the mains.

To install, does the specific software to set parameters, specialist offers access to a carrier with a copy of the test software or program code.

To form an opinion regarding the operating status of Information technology and technical means, expert passed the test facility itself, as well as its accompanying technical documentation.

If you are not sure what it means will be necessary to conduct computer forensics, it is advisable to consult our experts working in the field of computer equipment. Moreover, the call in the expert and research service of Ukraine, you can specify the cost of the proposed works, coordinate its timing with a specialist to discuss any further details, and get all the information you need on the order and procedure of this type of examination.

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