Land and Technical Expertise

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Indicative list of issues to be resolved:

What is the actual procedure for use of land? Which configuration, measurements and area of land which is in use co-owner (co-owners)?
Землеустроительная экспертизаLand management expertise
Indicative list of issues to be resolved:

What is the actual procedure for use of land? Which configuration, measurements and area of ​​land which is in use co-owner (co-owners)?

Does the actual location of the buildings, structures and other objects relative to the boundaries of land technical documentation?

Is there a boundary violations (or imposition) of land in accordance with the right-establishing documents and documentation of Land Management on the land?

Is there a technical possibility, in accordance with the requirements of normative-legal acts to divide the land (to establish the procedure for its use) in accordance with the share of the co-owners (state share)?

What are the options for the distribution of land (on the order of use) are possible in accordance with the share of the co-owners (state share) and the requirements of legal acts?

What options are technically possible for the passage of the device (pass) on the land?

Is there a technical possibility of installation of a land easement in the area? If so, provide options for the land easement.
Land survey expertise and assessment and examination of land
Land survey expertise includes:
• Section plots of land together with the determination of the order of use of lands;
• Examination on issues of land management.

The main tasks of expertise in the section of land:
• Set the parameters of the actual plot;
• trace, if the border area violated;
• check whether the objects are located on the site according to agreed project;
• To identify options for the division of land;
• To identify options for driveways and approaches to stations.

To perform this kind of expertise, a specialist in the independent expert bureau has the right to get acquainted with the conducted Surveying, as well as with the technical documentation regarding the land plot. All options on the list of sites offering parties to the dispute must be pre-set out in the document designating examination.

Землеустроительная экспертизаExpertise on land has the following areas:
• Is documentation Answers site regulations?
• It remains the same whether the purpose of the land?
• Does the documentation section Compliant?
• Does the evaluation performed by the regulatory legal acts?

In the case of the need for land management expertise, questions that you have to our experts, you can ask on the phone or by e-mail of our organization.

Estimated land-examination satisfies several other tasks, such as:
• Evaluation of land in monetary terms;
• Evaluation of the right to land;
• Checking the installed site assessment and rights thereto regulatory framework.

To carry out this type of examination, the expert independent assessment laboratory should refer to the title documents and technical documentation on the site. It is necessary to ensure that the documentation specifies the exact location of the plot, its cadastral number, area, plan, data on the borders, as well as present information on existing restrictions on the right to the ground.

If any portion of residential and non-residential facilities were built, it is necessary to submit the relevant documents to the expert on them for their evaluation.

With a composition of experts with the relevant certificates, Expert Research Service of Ukraine carries out land surveying examination at the appropriate level, at an affordable price and in a short time. Turning to us, you will be able to assess the quality of service of our specialists.

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