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Examination of the circumstances of an accident

Most motorists know that the state of domestic highways leaves much to be desired. But the most dangerous thing is that bumps on roads and substandard repair of the roads often cause serious accidents. In addition, in the legal practice of cases where the blame is placed on the driver, alas, prevail. But in time carried out examination of the circumstances of an accident could well become an argument in defense of the driver. This study will also help to establish the amount of damage caused to the car due to improper repairs or road conditions.

Examination of the circumstances of an accident examines the actual data of the situation on the road at a particular time and compares the results with the standards in force in certain areas. Most often the experts put the following questions:
  • What was the objective situation at the scene of the accident?

  • What were the characteristics of the movement of vehicles (speed, stopping distance, etc.) at the time of collision (collision)?

  • Did the technical condition of the route and weather conditions prevent an accident?

  • What specific circumstances actually caused the accident?

  • Did the traffic accident participants comply with the traffic accident?

  • How likely is that the accident occurred due to inadequate condition of the pavement?

But do not forget that the examination of the circumstances of an accident by its nature is part of an auto-technical examination. This extensive, comprehensive and scientific and technical study of all the details of accidents separately, which is carried out by a person with special knowledge in the scientific and technical fields. Based on the results of the expert analysis, one can get an answer to the main question: Did the accident occur as a result of an accident or the fault of road users?
This examination, as a rule, is conducted within the framework of investigation of criminal cases and administrative offenses. But sometimes it is necessary to conduct it even when solving civil or economic legal relationships. Most often in cases involving delicts.

Features of the autotechnical expertise
автотехническая экспертиза
When conducting expert analysis, specialists use special software, with the help of which the reconstruction of the accident mechanism is carried out. These programs allow you to set the speed of the car before the collision, as well as accurately determine the coordinates of the scene. Along with the questions listed above, the auto-technical expertise solves questions about:
  • Mechanisms of road accidents;

  • The location of cars in relation to each other at the time of the incident;

  • Trajectories of their movement;

  • Time necessary to stop the car in current weather conditions?

  • Cause and effect relationship between the violation of traffic rules and the accidents that have occurred

How to prepare participants for the road accident

After an accident or a court decision was taken to conduct a technical examination of the car, the agreed expert is given access to the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the Vehicle) involved in the accident, or to other objects that may indicate traces of a traffic accident. It may be necessary to inspect the tires or affected protruding parts. If there are none, they can be replaced with experimental molds or prints of tires on paper. Moreover, the expert can request photographs of accidents in conjunction with the protocols of inspection of the accident site.

In turn, we inform you that the Expert-Research Service of Ukraine presents to clients an expert conclusion of expertise or expert opinion (in the case of pre-trial settlement of the dispute). The expertise we conduct is objective, impartial and unbiased. After all, if these criteria are met, the analysis and investigation of an accident will be truthful and effective.

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