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Merchandising expertise can be directed to an expert study of vehicles, raw materials, equipment, and consumer goods.

Merchandising expertise
Indicative list of issues to be resolved:

What is the cost of research facilities on the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders?

What is the name and designation of the goods?

Are the labeling data valid trademark characteristics of the goods?

Are the requirements of product quality standards, technical specifications, providing samples organoleptic?

What defects has a specific product? Are these significant defects? Can be realized (operation) of the goods in the presence of the identified defects?

What are the conditions of reception, storage and distribution of goods?

Grounded Are the labeling and packaging of the goods? Compliant Product labeling and packaging requirements of normative-technical documentation or samples?

How now, and when the product is made (in the presence of the marking information or the relevant supporting documents)?

How do the characteristics of the relevant goods under the foreign economic activity of Ukrainian classifier of goods?

The size of the material damage caused to the owner of the property due to damage of the property (in case of fire, flooded, etc.)?

What is the market value of grains (legumes) as of the date of conclusion of the contract (to date) in view of its quality indicators?

Independent examination of the commodity - a professional approach

Merchandising expertise can be directed to an expert study of vehicles, raw materials, equipment, and consumer goods.

Merchandising expertise of high-level objectives' examination of the goods:
• determine the value of the goods;
• classify goods according to the prescribed classes of production and trade spheres;
• determine the characteristics of the product according to the classifier;
• determine whether the parameters of quality of the goods have changed;
• establish in what way was made goods, and in any country;
• Check the product packaging, methods of transportation and storage for compliance with applicable regulations.

Trading examination is carried out after receipt of the relevant document specialist, which must be clearly set out the essence of the claim in conjunction with the criminal case the circumstances in which and the examination was appointed.

Object commodity expertise must be given to the expert. It should provide the packaging that best contributes to safety. If the object under study and is not subject to the dimensional transport, he studied at the site. In this case, the expert agreed departure to the place and its easy access to inspect the object of study from all sides. In the course of litigation, the parties are invited to check on the case.

If a document on the appointment of an independent expert appraisal of the goods the court or authority competent to take such action, raised the question of establishing the cost of certain commodities or property, it is essential that the document was noted for what it is necessary to set the date of the cost. If the desired product, for whatever reasons, there is no and can not be provided for examination, its value is established on the basis of interrogation of victims, descriptions of goods in the statement of claim, as well as on the basis of consignment notes and invoices. Even in this case, the document on the appointment of expertise shall be shown in the absence of the product and should be listed materials of the case, which are the basis for the examination.

Examination procedure involves checking the quality of goods Item:
• organoleptic (on the basis of the sense organs)
And • measuring (using the hardware measurement) method.

Examination of the quality of the goods may be selective or continuous, when checked each unit of production in the party. Examination of the quality of goods can also be performed using destructive and non-destructive testing.

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